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Celebrating Our Special Mothers

I am so blessed to have a classroom full of supportive, caring and dedicated mothers!! Anytime our class is in the need of supplies donations, they are ON IT.  Masking tape, glue, markers, white board markers.. you name it! They not only plan but volunteer their time to come in and run our classroom holiday/season parties. They truly are AH-mazing and deserve a little something special on their day!

Nothing says Mother's Day than some super cute and colorful "rockstar" glasses that our littles will LOVE giving to their sweet mamas to accompany a "Mother of the Year" award, a "I love you because..." photo booth picture and personalized poem. I picked up these glasses at Michael's in their party favor section. Let me tell you... that place is a JACKPOT! 

This year I happened to be rummaging through a box of some old projects I made when I was little. I happened to stumble up this gem I made for my mom for Mother's Day in first grade circa 1998. (Above)
"I wouldn't trade my mom for a dollar!" HA! It doesn't get much more real than that. Precious! Still to this day her favorite food is fish and watching her attempt to run... or do any kind of sport for that matter... is actually hilarious. She would agree. :) I thought it would be cool to share this with my class and recreate this poem for my students to give to their moms (below). In years to come they will look back and get a good laugh. 

I have made this "Mother of the Year" a freebie in my TPT store.  It includes the "Mother of the Year" award, rockstar tags and personalized poem. Grab yourself a free copy now! 

And to all the mother's out there, I wish you a happy day!

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