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Snow Globe Ornaments

I've seen so many great ornament ideas floating around Instagram and Pinterest but I think I've found... "the one!" I'm thrilled to share with you the materials I've used and the simple steps! I'd love to give credit where credit is due- I found this one on Pinterest but I can't seem to find who originally came up with this idea. Let me know if you know who!

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First, you'll also need to gather some materials. During indoor recess one day I snapped a quick picture of each student on my phone with their hands up and a silly or smiley face of their choice! To get a good judge of the size or the distance, I had them kneeling and they took up no more than half the length of the photo on my screen.

You'll need one clear plastic ornament for each student, in which the top can be easily removed and returned. You can find them on Amazon here or at your local Dollar Tree. This faux snow was perfect for inside the ornaments.  The white cupcake liners add the perfect decorative touch to the presentation, but does not need to be attached to the ornament. 

Some suggestions when prepping for your students to assemble them is to have everything lined up and ready to go! I opened each ornament and placed them in a bin, as well as the packages of faux snow. I also precut each child's picture. 

I had students working on an assignment independently while calling over each table at a time to assemble their ornaments First students wrote their name on the back of the tag seen below. 

You can download a copy here. If you are not a first grade teacher, just simply use the first side. It also includes a second saying option, "Love never melts."

While students were writing, I curled their picture up to fit inside. Then using a funnel, they scooped up what I would estimate is about 2 tablespoons of the faux snow. This depends on the size of the photo in the ornament. Last, I cut the existing string on the ornament and attached the tag using curling ribbon. 

I plan to have the students cut find strips of white paper with craft scissors to place inside a clear gift bag, along with their snow globe ornament. I think it will add just the right touch! Follow me on Instagram for a picture of the finished product! :) Feel free to post and tag a picture if you decide this ornament is "the one" too!

This makes the perfect family winter gift!!

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