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In honor of Mother's and Father's Day season, this year I decided to honor the amazing families in my class by hosting a "Someone Special and Me" event. Rather than purchasing a small gift for each parent, I decided to spend a little extra and make a memory instead. I'm excited to share scenes from our special event with you and answer any questions you may having in planning an event of your own! This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. 

When planning the event, I had my eye on Maria Gavin's Mother's Day Tea Party Printable Pack! I knew it would be the perfect editable resource to fit my needs for our special event. The colors were bold and bright- just my taste! I used her posts as inspiration for the decor and activities. It includes everything you would need in planning an event of this nature.

If you're looking for more information on how Maria used the pack in her own classroom, read her posts here

Each student was able to invite one special person to join us for our celebration.  The name "Someone Special and Me" allows the students freedom in who to invite- their mom, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle. I love how creative they were in their invitees. The editable invitation is included in the pack. It also includes as RSVP card for the special guest to respond. 

I suggest printing the invitation, as well as all the printables featured in this post on cardstock for durability. You can find it here.  I absolutely adore the editable banner. I printed, laminated and threaded the banner on yellow grosgrain ribbon found here. To make the threading easier, I used an "x-acto knife" and push pins to hold the tiering of each layer in place. I removed the push pins to tie the knot on each end. 

The Target dollar spot and party section were where I purchased all of the decor and paper goods. I wanted to stay consistent with the pinks, teals and colorful chevron print. If you keep an eye out, they often times have clearance on a significant number of their older prints and they make their way through seasons. I added some pizzaz by using the table cloth as a table skirt, colored paper as the table cloth and decorative doilies for a pop of white with the bold colors. 

Maria's pack also includes matching labels, place cards and tags of all sorts and sizes. 

To kick off the event, our class put together a short presentation for our guests. I took pictures of each student and created a slideshow of why their guests were special to them. The slideshow ran to the song, "Never Grow Up," by Taylor Swift. Cue the water works... I know. Thank you to one of my first grade teacher friends from college for the idea! :) 

After, the students completed a craft with their guests to take home. The canvas tote bags were purchased here. We used acrylic craft paint, although I am sure you could also use fabric paint as well. 

After completing the craft, students were able to enjoy refreshments and visit the photo booth. My high school intern and I (pictured below) assembled the photo booth. I assure you, it is not as difficult to create as it appears. We started by taping bright yellow paper as the backdrop and hung strips of streamers from the top. After, we hung balloons on a single fishing line for a decorative affect.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our special event. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out or comment below! 

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