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Memorial Day and The American Flag

Memorial Day is sneaking up on us here, despite how inconsistent our warm weather has been! I'd thought I'd hop on here and share some of the ways we celebrate our country and remember those who have served!

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Wearing red, white and blue might be one of my favorite ways to show honor and pride! I love how passionate my students are on our school themed days. Students come to school decked out in red, white and blue the Friday before Memorial day. For morning work, students come in and make a patriotic headband- which is perfect if any students forgot their red, white and blue! 

I snagged this cutie from Maria over at KinderCraze. You can click here to get a free template! 

After reading the easy-reader I created below about Memorial Day, I'll give the students a choice of a shared writing activity. The writing prompts are ...

"Tell me about your family's Memorial Day traditions..."
"How do you show honor and pride for our country?"
"Who is your hero and why?"

Students can add color to the illustrations after choral reading it together. You can get a copy of the writing paper, word search and easy reader for free here from my shop on TPT. 

One of the *best* books and my all time favorite when talking about the job of those who serve/d in the armed forces is "Brave, Like Me" by Barbara Kerley. It sparks engaging discussions and captures their attention. The real images of children and their families demonstrate their raw emotions. Bravery is the best theme to focus on when thinking and talking about those who lost our lives protecting our country. This book does it beautifully!!! 

You can find a copy of it here

In the spirt of all things red, white and blue, I also wanted to share a few ideas for you when exploring and learning about the American flag. Many of you might not be in school for Flag Day (many of my New Jersey friends are sure to be ha! ) however, you might take Memorial Day as an opportunity to do some American flag math!

After exploring the numbers and patterns and their link to history that make our flag, we spend time using rulers to draw the flag. After, we'll watercolor paint them and use tracing markers to outline each detail. 

May all those who passed protecting our country rest in peace and a big thank you to those who have fought or are currently fighting to keep our country safe! 

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