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Celebrating Pi Day with a Freebie!

While everyone is busy avidly checking the weather here in the northeast, I'm at home celebrating Pi Day!! Yesterday I spent our math workshop block enriching my students in some real world math. :) 
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We kicked off our warm up discussing how we would measure the distance around an object that is round. We created arguments supported with mathematical reasoning about which measurement tools would be best. I introduce content specific vocabulary (circumference, diameter, radius, etc.) for students to use when discussing Pi. 

After our warm up, students explored how Pi was derived using string and various sized circular objects in different centers. We came together to discuss the patterns that we noticed. (The diameter goes around 3 times "and some".) Once we became comfortable with the language and the content, I read aloud the most fitting math book! You can find Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi here. It gave the students a good laugh and reinforced the key details. 

This book was donated to my class by a sweet mama last year who's children are born on Pi Day! Last year she came in to celebrate and did the most adorable and academically appropriate activity with my primary learners. This year I did the same activity and created the product to share with you!

Each student in our class received a digit in the number "pi." We colored the digits and worked together as a class to put the digits in order to form a banner. 

While the students were working, I shared some Pi Day fun facts!! I have included these facts in the download for you to share with your class. 

You can find this Pi Day freebie here in my TPT store! Be sure to follow my TPT store for access to more freebies in the future! :) 

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